Support Service


Support service of Sayman corporation is considered as one of the main stages of our product life-cycle and a sustainable bridge with clients. Resolving problems and clarifying uncertainties, we always do our best to provide necessary requirements for you to take the best use of our solutions and software features.

Your expectations of our software features and integrated process-oriented systems change so our support experts will be ready to meet the growing expectations.

Multiplicity and diversity of customers’ activities has made us to own the treasure of processes and professional experience in various businesses. Combining this knowledge and use of modern technologies, which have always been in middle of our attention, help us to deliver complete and effective solutions and systems support and makes us help you maximize productivity in your business.

In addition to providing technical support for systems, using updated versions of Sayman corporation’s software, with any changes in the tax laws of the country, the necessary adjustments to conform these changes in your systems will be configured.

Our trained experts in Sayman corporation are ready to respond your administrative or customers enquiries and resolving any problem regarding our systems in the least possible time according to the type of contract.


Types of support service in Sayman corporation:

The following possible services can be delivered in our contracts:

  • Advisory services tailored to the type of business
  • Problem addressing and ambiguity resolution of users
  • Updating version and provide educational services to users
  • Advisory services for database maintenance

You can receive your desired support services via web, phone or in person according to the type of service contract.