Integrated Personnel System


Main Features:

  • Multi User System
  • User Management and Access Levels
  • Automatic Error Reporting Service
  • Automatic Backup System
  • Exporting any Information

Base Definitions:

  • Definition of Work Shift Calendar
  • Definition of Work Shifts
  • Cost centers
  • Definition of Overtime Limits

Personnel Definitions:

  • Personnel Information Including Skills, Dependent family members, Insurance and etc
  • Notifications
  • Personnel Overtime Limits
  • Personnel Remaining Vacations

Clock Device Definition:

  • Defining Clock Device Type
  • Verifying Conectivity
  • Downloading


  • Personnel Arrivals and Departures Detail
  • Personnel Work Detail
  • Personnel Overtime
  • Comparative Charts
  • Absence, Leave, Mission and Vacation Report
  • And any Other Customized Repors

Employment Provisions

  • Salary Table Definition
  • Job Table Definition
  • Job Experience Table Definition
  • Salary Table Auto Calculation
  • Experience Table Definition
  • Work Environment Table Definition
  • And so on ...